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Common Sense approach for Your Money by Dan and Marlis Williams

You don't need another budget, you need a plan for your life and your money so you can leave a Legacy instead of a nightmare.

Your Money Workbook - Is a full size workbook that you can use to get your finances on track, eliminate debt, save and give more than you ever thought possible. You don't need to attend weeks of seminars and pay financial guru's hundreds of dollars for common sense ideas that have been around for thousands of years. 

After years of muddling through books, videos and presentations, we developed and used this simple plan to pay off over $55,000 of debt in just over two years, and took our credit score from 715 to 815.
7 Steps To Eliminate Your Debt - We soon discovered the American Dream of home ownership can quickly become a nightmare. We found out that we were not alone, as over half of the people in the country were living pay-check to pay-check. This book shares our story and provides the simple 7 Step Plan we used to eliminate debt, pile up cash and give like never before.

It became a family affair and we even shared it with our children as teenagers to help get on board and make wise decisions with their finances. Today, they have successfully mastered the use of their money for the future and are passing those values onto their children.

Before You Say Goodbye - My oldest brother passed away in the spring at age 60, and my mom died six months later. I quickly discovered that we as a family were not prepared for the days ahead as we sorted through the pain of the loss, their financial affairs, and their Legacy. The age of cell phones, computers and social media has changed the landscape of being prepared for the loss of a loved.​ We share one Bucket List you'll need an how to put it together to leave a real Legacy.

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To Diabetes and Back in 90 Days - Seeing my siblings diagnosed with diabetes in their 50's caused little concern for my personal health until my diagnosis with the same came at age 58. On top of that, I had stage 3 CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease), High Blood Pressure and over the top Cholesterol numbers. Refusing to go with the flow of medications and a life of pain and decreasing function, I made some radical choices to reset my body clock.